Thursday, June 5, 2008


So while I love and all that they do, they just posted a review of "Jumper" where they gave the movie 8/10 and said, "I do have to admit that there are a lot of aspects of "Jumper" that don't make sense, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment of it... Ignore the critics and check it out for yourself." 

What movie did this guy watch? How much did he get paid to write that?

Whoever wrote this then confirms that they are indeed an idiot, as if there was a doubt, when they write:

"It's quite apparent that director Doug Liman was casting his sequels as well as "Jumper." And while I would have very much liked to see a sequel, I think the critical trashing and weak box office is going to keep that from happening..."

Jumper made $211 million worldwide. Not such a weak box office on an $85 million budget. Oh, and Jumper 2 has already been announced for 2011 with Doug Liman attached to direct. Where the fuck do they find these people?

Check out the picture from Yo, Hayden Christensen in the Diag.

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