Sunday, June 1, 2008

Michigan Film Initiative

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a place that you recognize pop up in a movie. The shots of Ann Arbor are probably the only reason that I could sit through "Jumper." Well, that and the fact that Rachael Bilson is ridiculously hot. With the new Michigan Film Initiative (a law that gives 40% of money spent on filming in Michigan back to the filmmakers), Hollywood is coming to Michigan and they're coming fast. I've just heard that Clint Eastwood is filming his new movie "Gran Torino" in Grand Rapids this summer. Also filming in Grand Rapids is a gangster movie called "The Fifth Mafia," and a movie called "Youth in Revolt" will be filming in Ann Arbor. This is not to mention the many films that will take advantage of the glossy exterior (joke) of our very own Detroit. However, the film I'm most excited about (another joke) is "Tug," which is being filmed in West Michigan. And it was just announced that Haylie Duff is attached to star, so that probably ruined that.

Regardless, I love what the Michigan Film Initiative is doing for the state (not a joke). Anyone know of any other movies coming to Michigan?

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Anonymous said...

oooooh Hayden's hot.