Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hairspray the sequel?

New Line has announced that they have Hairspray 2 in the works. Somebody needs to help Zac Efron before he becomes Haley Joel Osment.

Zac has done three High School Musicals, Hairspray, the Footloose remake, and Seventeen Again ("Big" in reverse, ughhh). 

If he wants to have an acting career that doesn't end at 23, he needs to take some serious roles where he's not dancing like an idiot on a golf course (might I suggest my screenplay "Lowell?"). 11 year old girls may love it, but if this kid wants a career he needs to get onscreen doing drugs and hanging with prostitutes, or something similar. 

Look at Daniel Radcliffe - he takes his clothes off on stage in a well-respected play and all of a sudden he's a serious actor and getting coveted roles outside of the Potter franchise. It might be funny and have spawned a whole bunch of "wand" jokes, but Radcliffe is going to have a career post-Potter.

(Zac, if you need a manager, I'm available. My advice is not free.)

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