Thursday, July 24, 2008

Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood

No surprise Will Smith is #1 ($80 million) and Johnny Depp #2 ($72 million). But Eddie Murphy at #3 ($55 million)? Come on. Nobody watches Eddie Murphy movies anymore (unless it's Shrek, but that doesn't count). Who the hell is paying him that much money??

Anyways, we can take comfort knowing he won't be on the list again next year after Meet Dave bombed HUGE (Yeah, it already came out. Don't feel bad, nobody else knew either).

Unsurprisingly, former box-office king Tom "Maverick" Cruise isn't even on the list! I might feel a little sorry for him but hey, he did it to himself. He can spend the rest of his life wiping away his tears with his billions of dollars.

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