Monday, July 28, 2008


After Shia LaBeouf got into a drunk driving accident this weekend totally fucking over the entire production of Transformers 2 as he now can't work for a month while he recovers from surgery on his hand, we are once again reminded of how stupid celebrities can be.

Shia has a lot of money. I don't think taking a cab would have hurt his wallet too much, even if he took it from La Brea to Bangor, Maine.

What he did is bad, but it's even worse that it was during the production of a movie with a budget well over $200 million. 

Take that, Michael Bay. I think it might be time to recast the role of Sam Witwicky for Transformers 3: Nobody Gives a Shit Anymore.

P.S. Sweet tat, Bro. Is that your phone number?

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