Monday, July 21, 2008

This is how we know Tom Cruise is REALLY in trouble

In the wake of a very public falling out with Paramount (he got fired by Sumner Redstone) and some recent box office disasters, Tom Cruise decided to hook up (in the Biblical sense) with Bryan Singer to try to revive his career. The result, the many-times delayed "Valkyrie," has been by all accounts pretty much a disaster (it was supposed to be released this summer, but has now been pushed back until FEBRUARY).

Now, it is being reported that Cruise is in negotiations to reprise his role as Maverick in a sequel to "Top Gun!"

Is this his way of coming out, or is he really just that desperate?

I hope they cast Katie Holmes as Kelly McGillis' god-child or something. That would just be the icing on the cake of the glorious descent of Tom Cruise turning himself into a nobody. It's the least he could do for her after forcing Holmes to make one of the worst decisions in entertainment history when she accepted a role in "Mad Money" rather than reprising her role as Rachael Dawes in "The Dark Knight."

This is how someone who used to be the most powerful actor in Hollywood hits rock bottom. And boy is it painful to watch.

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