Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guillermo the author?

Mexican auteur Guillermo del Toro has signed on to co-author a trilogy of vampire books. This on top of the insane amount of projects he's supposed to be directing (including his much hyped involvement with The Hobbit).

Vampires are so ridiculously in right now.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Wisconsin - 25 vs. Michigan - 27

One of the best games EVER.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Movie Quote of the Day

An amazing quote from a criminally underrated film:

"He was ashamed of his persiflage, his boasting, his pretensions of courage and ruthlessness; he was sorry about his cold-bloodedness, his dispassion, his inability to express what he now believed was the case- that he truly regretted killing Jesse, that he missed the man as much as anybody and wished his murder hadn't been necessary. Even as he circulated his saloon he knew that the smiles disappeared when he passed by. He received so many menacing letters that he could read them without any reaction except curiosity. He kept to his apartment all day, flipping over playing cards, looking at his destiny in every King and Jack. Edward O'Kelly came up from Bachelor at one P.M. on the 8th. He had no grand scheme. No strategy. No agreement with higher authorities. Nothing but a vague longing for glory, and a generalized wish for revenge against Robert Ford. Edward O'Kelly would be ordered to serve a life sentence in the Colorado Penitentiary for second degree murder. Over seven thousand signatures would eventually be gathered in a petition asking for O'Kelly's release, and in 1902, Governor James B. Ullman would pardon the man. There would be no eulogies for Bob, no photographs of his body would be sold in sundries stores, no people would crowd the streets in the rain to see his funeral cortege, no biographies would be written about him, no children named after him, no one would ever pay twenty-five cents to stand in the rooms he grew up in. The shotgun would ignite, and Ella Mae would scream, but Robert Ford would only lay on the floor and look at the ceiling, the light going out of his eyes before he could find the right words."

Me and that other blogger

Picture of me and Perez Hilton at the 2008 Fox "Really" Reality TV awards last night. Super cool guy, as were many people you might not suspect like Dog the Bounty Hunter, Jerry Springer and Danny Bonaduce.

I know you're all just dieing to know the results of the Award Show, but it doesn't air until October and all attendees were forbidden to talk or blog about it. I can feel your disappointment, but don't worry. It's only temporary.

More pictures from the "Really's" to come...

Fight for your right to be Emo

Great article -

"A Hamilton teenager is fighting for his right to wear makeup at school.

"They're gender stereo-typing. He's being sexually discriminated against. Nowhere in the rules does it say that males can't wear make-up" says Mindy Ball.

The Hamilton mother says she stands 100% behind her son, 13-year-old Matt Allsup, an eighth grader at Garfield Middle School who wears black eye makeup, lipstick and fingernail polish.

But on Monday, he was told to wash the makeup off his face, with the assistant principal telling him it was distracting..."

Emo kids have rights too...

Check out the full article here:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tony Blair loves America

The former British Prime Minister has accepted a position as a lecturer at Yale.

WTF? Really?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Movie Quote of the Day

Tutor 1: What does it feel like when you're dancing?

Billy: Don't know. Sorta feels good. Sorta stiff and that, but once I get going... then I like, forget everything. And... sorta disappear. Sorta disappear. Like I feel a change in my whole body. And I've got this fire in my body. I'm just there. Flyin' like a bird. Like electricity. Yeah, like electricity.

Revolutionary Road

Sam Mendes, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet?

I expected more...

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

George Lucas in Love

A big shout out to Dan Shere who wrote this, one of my favorite shorts. Enjoy.

Diablo Cody: Voice of Reason?

From a recent post on her Myspace blog in response to a pissed off "fan." -

"I may have won 19 awards that you don't feel I earned, but it's neither original nor relevant to slag on Juno. Really. And you're not some bold, singular voice of dissent, You are exactly like everyone else in your zeitgeisty-demo-lifestyle pod. You are even like me. (I, too, loved Arrested Development! Aren't we a pretty pair of cultural mavericks? Hey, let's go bitch about how Black Kids are overrated!)

I'm sorry that while you were shooting your failed opus at Tisch, I was jamming toxic silicon toys up my ass for money. I get why you're bitter. I took exactly one film class in college and— with the curious exception of the Douglas Sirk unit—it bored the shit out of me. I also once got busted for loudly crinkling a bag of Jujubes during a classroom screening of Vivre Sa Vie. I don't deserve to be here. We've established that. But I'm here. Five million 12-year-olds think I'm Buck Henry. Accept it.

(Incidentally, if you were me for one day you'd crumble like fucking Stilton. I am better at this than you. You're not strong enough, Film_Fan78. Trust me.)

I'm sorry to all those violent, semi-literate fanboys who hate me for befriending their heroes. I can't help it if your favorite writer, actor, director, or talk show host likes me. Maybe you would too, if we actually met.

I know my name is fake and that it annoys you. What, do you hate Queen Latifah and Rip Torn, too? Writers and entertainers have been using pseudonyms for years. Chances are, you're spewing bile under an assumed screen name yourself. I'm sorry if you think I'm like some inked-up quasi-Suicide Girl derby cunt from 2002, but I like my fake name. It's engraved on an Oscar. Yours isn't."

Amazing, except she failed to address one thing. Who the fuck still uses Myspace?


As well as losing his hair, Jude Law is fast losing his credibility.

Rumours are that he's been cast as Watson, Sherlock Holmes' sidekick in Guy Ritchie's new movie starring Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes

With several of his latest films barely hitting theaters or going straight to DVD, I think it's official: Jude Law is definitely on the B-List.

It's interesting to see his career compared to Robert Downey Jr.'s. Who would have thought four years ago that Jude Law would be RDJ's sidekick??

He shouldn't have fucked his nanny. People care.

Margaret Cho on Sarah Palin

"Even though I would never, ever vote for Palin, I am kind of obsessed with fucking her."

Well, I think that pretty much sums it up...

Literary Quote of the Day...

One of my favorites of all time because isn't it oh so true...

"When I remember that dizzy summer, that dull, stupid, lovely, dire summer, it seems that in those days I ate my lunches, smelled another's skin, noticed a shade of yellow, even simply sat, with greater lust and hopefulness—and that I lusted with greater faith, hoped with greater abandon. The people I loved were celebrities, surrounded by rumor and fanfare; the places I sat with them, movie lots and monuments. No doubt all of this is not true remembrance but the ruinous work of nostalgia, which obliterates the past, and no doubt, as usual, I have exaggerated everything."

-Art Bechstein

P.S. Fuck Jon Foster. Max Minghella IS Art Bechstein

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Logan Lerman

Been thinking it for a long time, but just wanted to put it in print - I think this kid's gonna grow up to be a really good actor.

And he may or may not have had sex with Jessica Alba.

I am still waiting for the criminally underwatched Jack & Bobby to come out on DVD.

The $50 million (Spider)man

Sony is giving Tobey Maguire a reported $50 million dollars(!) to film back to back Spiderman movies. What they hell do they think Spiderman is, Lord of the Rings?

I can't believe they're making more of these shit movies and dropping this kind of money on them.

Sony, get your hard-hat ready 'cause this one's gonna BOMB!

Tony Stark (part 2)

"A lot of my peer group think I’m an eccentric bisexual. That’s OK. Being relaxed about sexuality is something you’re born with.’ My identity was written on the wall by ancient and formidable guides and forces. The best thing I can do is keep my hand out of it."

- Robert Downey Jr.

Well, that role in Wonder Boys sure didn't help.

Just sayin...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Everything relates to Entourage...

You know where Vince is at in Entourage right now, where there aren't any movie offers? That's exactly what Vin Diesel is dealing with.

Exhibit A: He just did a "new" Fast and the Furious movie.

Exhibit B: He has just signed on to do another XXX movie.

Holy shit, Vin's career is lookin' rough.

This is Dorian Gray

Ben Barnes looks pretty badass.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tyler Perry gets Burned... (ZING!)

In a victory for good filmmaking everywhere, Burn After Reading thankfully beat Tyler Perry's The Family that Preys at the box office this weekend.

Besides being an ego-maniac, Tyler Perry's movies really suck.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another sword and sandal epic...

Will Smith has signed on to star in The Last Pharaoh, a movie about the pharaoh Taharqa and his battle against the Assyrians in ancient Egypt.

Taharqa is described by Greek historian Strabo as one of the greatest military tactitians in the world.

Go to guy for historical epics Randall "Braveheart" Wallace has signed on to write the screenplay.

The films got the pedigree - hopefully it delivers.

Cool cover of Ayo Technology by Belgian artist Milow

The people have spoken and...

...Slumdog Millionaire is the People's Choice at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Can't wait to see it. Can we at least get a trailer?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Method Acting

Yes, that's Matt Damon. He got pretty fat for his new movie.

Just sayin...

Movie Quote of the Day...

"Now I've justified this to myself in all sorts of ways. It wasn't a big deal, just a minor betrayal. Or we'd outgrown each other, you know, that sort of thing. But let's face it, I ripped them off - my so called mates. But Begbie, I couldn't give a shit about him. And Sick Boy, well he'd done the same to me, if he'd only thought of it first. And Spud, well okay, I felt sorry for Spud - he never hurt anybody. So why did I do it? I could offer a million answers - all false. The truth is that I'm a bad person. But, that's gonna change - I'm going to change. This is the last of that sort of thing. Now I'm cleaning up and I'm moving on, going straight and choosing life. I'm looking forward to it already. I'm gonna be just like you. The job, the family, the fucking big television. The washing machine, the car, the compact disc and electric tin opener, good health, low cholesterol, dental insurance, mortgage, starter home, leisure wear, luggage, three piece suite, DIY, game shows, junk food, children, walks in the park, nine to five, good at golf, washing the car, choice of sweaters, family Christmas, indexed pension, tax exemption, clearing gutters, getting by, looking ahead, the day you die..."
- Renton

Oscar Bait

The trailer for Clint Eastwood's new film Changeling

Doesn't look half bad...

I, Claudius

Jim Sheridan is adapting the book and directing for Relativity Media. I liked it much better when my man William Monahan was attached to this...

I think giving this project to Sheridan is a mistake, though I like the rumours about Leo playing Claudius.

Regardless, I love this book so he better not fuck it up.

The New Jason Bourne?

The trailer for Clive Owen's new film the International dropped today.

Looks pretty good, but why is it coming out in February?

Kevin Smith loves Star Trek

Kevin Smith posted the following about it on his blog:

“It’s really strong... It’s one of those things where you first heard about it and were like no they’re not going to redo ‘Star Trek’! And then you see the movie and you think, wow he did pull it off! He turned it into a viable renewed franchise.”

If the movie's complete, where the trailer J.J.?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Movie Quote of the Day...

Hector: "The best moments in reading are when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things - that you'd thought special, particular to you. And here it is, set down by someone else, a person you've never met, maybe even someone long dead. And it's as if a hand has come out, and taken yours."

The Soloist

So most of you probably aren't as into Joe Wright as I am, but the trailer for his new movie The Soloist came out today. I have to say, the trailer is pretty average, but I bet the movie will be amazing. It's on my shortlist for a Best Picture nomination come Oscar time.

Also, I will personally punch the first person that compares it to August Rush.

Slumdog Millionaire is so good it's driving people crazy...

Some attacked Roger Ebert at a screening of Slumdog Millionaire. This is the report:

Soon after the lights went down, a source tells us, "a man in the audience started yelling, 'Don't touch me!' People looked around and shrugged. Ten minutes later, the voice yells again, 'I said don't touch me!'"

Again, people shrugged off the disturbance. But a few minutes later, says our source, "the guy stands up in the darkness and thwacks the guy behind him with a big festival binder. He hit him so hard everybody could hear it. Everyone freaked out and turned around."

The thwacker? New York Post film critic Lou Lumenick.

The thwackee? Esteemed Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert.

After battling thyroid and salivary gland cancer for years, Ebert, 66, can no longer speak.

"Apparently, Roger was just trying to tap Lumenick on the shoulder to signal him that he couldn't see the movie," surmises our source. "He was trying to ask him to move over a bit."

Though Lumenick seemed surprised to see whom he had struck, he offered no apology, according to another source.

Answer: Yes. Slumdog is going to be that good. I can't wait for this movie!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Batman news...

"I was with [a Warner Bros.] executive and I said, ‘Are we going to make another one?’ They said yeah. I said, ‘How the hell are we going to top Heath? And he says ‘I’ll tell you how you top Heath — Johnny Depp as The Riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin.’ I said, ‘Shit, they’ve done it again!’”

- Michael Caine

UPDATE: Warner Brothers is going to rerelease The Dark Knight in January. Here comes the awards push...

The new Quantum of Solace trailer dropped today and it looks pretty badass

Monday, September 8, 2008

Entourage/True Blood

The season premiere of Entourage was, predictably enough, entertaining even if not one of the best episodes in the series.

Judging by this episode, it seems that this season might be more "inside" with the ole bait and switch pulled on Vince. It's definitely going to be a lot darker with presumably the ugly side of Hollywood rearing it's ugly head at Vince instead of the glitz and glam that he (and we) are used to.

True Blood, on the other hand, greatly disappointed. I expected a lot more out of this show, and who knows, maybe it will turn itself around. But, bottom line is, the pilot just didn't give it to me.

I'm not entirely sure how it got good reviews. Can anyone explain to me what I missed?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

You must watch this movie

Probably my favorite movie I've seen so far this year, Son of Rambow is a brilliant film about the power of movies, the bonds of friendship and the joy of being young.

And it really captures the zeitgeist well.

Shows what you can do even if you don't have a huge budget. Especially if you don't have a huge budget...

Do yourself a favor and watch this movie.

"Skills. Skills on toast."

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Wonder Years

With the apparent success of 90210, a reinvention of the Wonder Years is being planned, this time set in the 80's!

Sadly, I am still searching for my Winnie Cooper.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite Wonder Years quotes:

"Things never turn out exactly the way you planned. I know they didn't with me. Still, like my father used to say, 'Traffic's traffic, you go where life takes you' and growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you're in diapers, the next you're gone, but the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember a time a place, a particular fourth of July, the things that happened in that decade of war and change. I remember a house like a lot of houses, a yard like a lot of yards, on a street like a lot of other streets. I remember how hard it was growing up among people and places I loved. Most of all, I remember how hard it was to leave. And the thing is, after all these years I still look back in wonder."

-Kevin Arnold as Narrator

Great news from the Entourage front...

A quote from the Enourage series 5 review in Variety:

"The opening episodes of "Entourage's" new season highlight how far the show has come: Having stumbled around through year one, the series gradually began grasping the power of story arcs, following its fictional star, Vincent Chase, as he climbed a fairy-tale staircase of (mostly) ups through the movie business. Yet the current year -- given Vince's maddening nonchalance in the past -- promises to be more intriguing, as he seeks to redeem himself after a disastrous foray into indie film. Although characteristically frothy, this could be the storyline that those sporadically frustrated by the show have waited for."

Live It.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A little Harry Potter magic/pedophilia

Dan Radcliffe recently opened up, admitting that he lost his virginity at 16 to his 23 year old hair-dresser.

This is seriously some of the funniest news I have heard in weeks. Maybe just pub for Equus coming to Broadway??

Regardless, let the wand jokes begin...

Movie Quote of the Day...

"And me, I still believe in paradise. But now at least I know it's not some place you can look for, 'cause it's not where you go. It's how you feel for a moment in your life when you're a part of something. And if you find that moment, it lasts forever..."


I love Helen Mirren (and apparently so does everyone else...)

Exercept from a recent interview:

""I loved coke. I never did a lot, just a little bit at parties," Mirren says. "But what ended it for me was when they caught (Nazi war criminal) Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon, in the early '80s. He was hiding in South America and living off the proceeds of being a cocaine baron.

"And I read that in the paper, and all the cards fell into place, and I saw how my little sniff of cocaine at a party had an absolute direct route to this . . . horrible man in South America."

Not content to ration her bombshells for future promotional opportunities, Mirren also talks about how she shoplifted to eat as a youth and was date-raped several times.

"Not with excessive violence or being hit, but rather being locked in a room and made to have sex against my will," she says.

What a tart.

This is demand...

Guillermo del Toro is booked through 2017!

Some of his projects include both Hobbit movies, Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Slaughterhouse Five.

I guess that's what happens when you make Pan's Labyrinth.


"I've heard Angelina Jolie really wants to do Catwoman; I think that's a fantastic idea. I'll be a happy audience member this time."

- Aaron Eckhart

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shady, shady

Author Stephenie Meyer, writer of the best-selling young adult "Twilight" books, has put the fifth and final installment in the series on hold in protest after a partial draft was posted on the Internet.

Meyer has said that she has a good idea of how the leak of "Midnight Sun" had happened as so few copies had left her hands and each was unique. Thus, she has shelved the fifth book in the series.

"I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on "Midnight Sun," and so it is on hold indefinitely."

And everywhere, fans of Edward Cullen breath a collective sigh of disappointment.

Maybe this is real, or maybe it's just publicity for the release of the Twilight movie this fall. Who in this business can really turn their back on a buck?

Movie Quote of the Day...

Alfredo: Living here day by day, you think it's the center of the world. You believe nothing will ever change. Then you leave: a year, two years. When you come back, everything's changed. The thread's broken. What you came to find isn't there. What was yours is gone. You have to go away for a long time - many years - before you can come back and find your people. The land where you were born. But now, no. It's not possible. Right now you're blinder than I am.

Salvatore: Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda?

Alfredo: No, Toto. Nobody said it. This time it's all me. Life isn't like in the movies. Life... is much harder.

Beverly Hills 90210 (2.0)

I don't know how many of you watched the premiere last night. According to the CW, alot of you did (though I don't know if I trust the ratings).

Regardless, I have a few things to say about the show:

1) I should have wrote it.

2) I also should have starred in it.

3) I should have directed it.


Well, you get the point. It was shit. Pure shit. I was hoping for Skins, and got Echo Beach. At least Echo Beach is aware that it's shitty and pokes fun at itself.

Thank God Entourage premieres next week. And I also have high hopes for True Blood.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire is this year's Juno

Virgin Territory (formerly known as The Decameron)

If you have not seen this movie, you must watch it immediately.

Seriously. It's amazing.

Disclaimer: requires a two drink minimum

Monday, September 1, 2008

Movie Quote of the Day...

"I was one of the insatiables. The ones you'd always find sitting closest to the screen. Why do we sit so close? Maybe it was because we wanted to receive the images first. When they were still new, still fresh. Before they cleared the hurdles of the rows behind us. Before they'd been relayed back from row to row, spectator to spectator; until worn out, secondhand, the size of a postage stamp, it returned to the projectionist's cabin. Maybe, too, the screen was really a screen. It screened us... from the world."

- The Dreamers

Favorite child performances: Part 1

There is something really special about a great performance by a child actor - here are my five favorite male performances. Female performances coming soon...

Honourable Mention:
Kelly Reno, "The Black Stallion"

5. Jean-Pierre Leaud, "The 400 Blows"

So I don't really like the classics much, but this gem of the French New Wave really affected me.

4. Freddie Highmore, "Finding Neverland"

All this kid has to do is speak and it makes me weep.

3. Haley Joel Osment, "The Sixth Sense"

They gave the Oscar to Michael Caine? This kid delivers a line that is now burned into the English lexicon.

2. Christian Bale, "Empire of the Sun"

Heartbreaking performance by one of the best actors ever.

1. Jamie Bell, "Billy Elliot"

There's a reason that he beat out Russell Crowe at the BAFTA's. Absolutely brilliant.