Monday, September 15, 2008

Tyler Perry gets Burned... (ZING!)

In a victory for good filmmaking everywhere, Burn After Reading thankfully beat Tyler Perry's The Family that Preys at the box office this weekend.

Besides being an ego-maniac, Tyler Perry's movies really suck.

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Vera said...

I didn't *love* Burn After Reading, but I enjoyed it. It did make me happy to see a Cohen Brothers movie at the top of the Box Office chart, and inordinately happy to see a Tyler Perry movie not open at the top. Question: Perry's movies always open on fairly noncompetive weekends, usually open at #1 but with good-not-amazing numbers, and always have a huge second week drop-off. Yet people act like he is this box-office juggernaut. If his movies weren't so low budget to begin with would they turn any profit at all?