Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spring Awakening

I really wanted to like this musical. I bought into all the hype and loved the soundtrack. But after finally seeing it, I think the soundtrack is the only thing I loved about it.

SA follows a very mediocre and tonally challenged story with the only redeemable feature being the music by Duncan "Barely Breathing" Sheik.

Oh, and the first act is a hell of a lot better than the second. Lighthearted fun and comedy turns into Debbie Downer pretty fast.

Love the music, skip the story.

Give me that hand, please
And the itch you can't control
Let me teach you how to handle
All the sadness in your soul
Oh, we'll work that silver magic
Then we'll aim it at the wall
She said: Love may make you blind kid-
But I wouldn't mind at all

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