Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Echo Beach"

Anyone who doubts the influence of America on entertainment, watch this show. It's a direct rip-off of "The O.C." except its not set in Orange County, but a glamorous resort town in Cornwall! Haha, I bet it doesn't even get over 60 degrees there. Oh, and this show saved Ed "Eragon" Speleers from working construction for the rest of his life.

Other reasons to watch are the ridiculously good looking cast and the repeated and shamelessly objectifying shots of them.


I just want to say that I really miss Entourage, and can't wait until it comes back in September. If 'Lil Bow Wow messes it up, my life might end.

James McAvoy

Following a brilliant performance in "Atonement," the meteoric rise of Scottish actor James McAvoy continues as it is rumoured that he is the first choice for the role of Bilbo Baggins in the ridiculously highly anticipated new "The Hobbit" movie. Pretty inspired casting, I think. 

These producers really know what they are doing: they split the book into two movies, hired Guillermo del Toro, and are out to a great actor to star. This might just be able to live up to the original Lord of the Rings movies.


I first saw "Atonement" in theaters in December and thought it was good. I recently watched it again on DVD realized that it's brilliant. If you haven't seen it, check it out. It's definitely one of the top five movies of this decade, and has one of the best endings to a film ever.


Everyone must watch this series from the U.K. about a bunch of teens growing up in Bristol. It's a bit of a hyperbolic view of youth, but it's also hilarious and you can see how different British television is from American television. And the soundtrack is amazing.

We Americans are so prude. Our Puritan ancestors would be proud.

Michigan Film Initiative

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a place that you recognize pop up in a movie. The shots of Ann Arbor are probably the only reason that I could sit through "Jumper." Well, that and the fact that Rachael Bilson is ridiculously hot. With the new Michigan Film Initiative (a law that gives 40% of money spent on filming in Michigan back to the filmmakers), Hollywood is coming to Michigan and they're coming fast. I've just heard that Clint Eastwood is filming his new movie "Gran Torino" in Grand Rapids this summer. Also filming in Grand Rapids is a gangster movie called "The Fifth Mafia," and a movie called "Youth in Revolt" will be filming in Ann Arbor. This is not to mention the many films that will take advantage of the glossy exterior (joke) of our very own Detroit. However, the film I'm most excited about (another joke) is "Tug," which is being filmed in West Michigan. And it was just announced that Haylie Duff is attached to star, so that probably ruined that.

Regardless, I love what the Michigan Film Initiative is doing for the state (not a joke). Anyone know of any other movies coming to Michigan?


After several strong recommendations, I watched John Carney's Sundance hit "Once." The music was great (it deserved the Oscar that it got), and it was probably one of the most realistic movies I have seen. This is always something I thought a movie should strive for, but after watching "Once", I realized the reason that I love movies is simply because they aren't realistic. 

Thoughts? Has anyone else seen "Once?" 

Euro 2008

If this clip ( from the end of World Cup '06 doesn't get you excited for Euro 2008, then you are not human and have not one ounce of nationalism. Too bad England didn't qualify (embarrassing), though I'm glad they gave Becks his captaincy back.

Anyways, you heard it here first - Greece is going to defend. I still remember where I was when they won Euro '04 (a bar in Interlaken, Switzerland with my brother) 

Go Blue!

The Fall

So it turns out I'm a big fan of movies and just recently saw "The Fall" last night. First of all, it is completely unique. It's a true labour of love (something visible throughout), and is visually the most stunning thing I have ever seen. It's literally a pictoral of some of the most beautiful and surprisingly underused and unknown locations around the world. 

That being said, the story is a bit of a bore, and the little girl in it (who everyone thinks is so cute), pissed the hell out of me. Also, a lot of it didn't really make sense. But who cares. Go see it on the big screen, if for no other reason than to support visionary filmmaking.

You can check out the trailer (which is amazing) at 


As a means of introduction, let me just say that this blog is meant as a shameless form of cultural promotion. It's also born out of a summer with very little in the way of structured time. Most of all, this is a way for me to share what's on my mind, so if you like it, keep reading and please comment.