Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shady, shady

Author Stephenie Meyer, writer of the best-selling young adult "Twilight" books, has put the fifth and final installment in the series on hold in protest after a partial draft was posted on the Internet.

Meyer has said that she has a good idea of how the leak of "Midnight Sun" had happened as so few copies had left her hands and each was unique. Thus, she has shelved the fifth book in the series.

"I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on "Midnight Sun," and so it is on hold indefinitely."

And everywhere, fans of Edward Cullen breath a collective sigh of disappointment.

Maybe this is real, or maybe it's just publicity for the release of the Twilight movie this fall. Who in this business can really turn their back on a buck?

Movie Quote of the Day...

Alfredo: Living here day by day, you think it's the center of the world. You believe nothing will ever change. Then you leave: a year, two years. When you come back, everything's changed. The thread's broken. What you came to find isn't there. What was yours is gone. You have to go away for a long time - many years - before you can come back and find your people. The land where you were born. But now, no. It's not possible. Right now you're blinder than I am.

Salvatore: Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda?

Alfredo: No, Toto. Nobody said it. This time it's all me. Life isn't like in the movies. Life... is much harder.

Beverly Hills 90210 (2.0)

I don't know how many of you watched the premiere last night. According to the CW, alot of you did (though I don't know if I trust the ratings).

Regardless, I have a few things to say about the show:

1) I should have wrote it.

2) I also should have starred in it.

3) I should have directed it.


Well, you get the point. It was shit. Pure shit. I was hoping for Skins, and got Echo Beach. At least Echo Beach is aware that it's shitty and pokes fun at itself.

Thank God Entourage premieres next week. And I also have high hopes for True Blood.