Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Logan Lerman

Been thinking it for a long time, but just wanted to put it in print - I think this kid's gonna grow up to be a really good actor.

And he may or may not have had sex with Jessica Alba.

I am still waiting for the criminally underwatched Jack & Bobby to come out on DVD.

The $50 million (Spider)man

Sony is giving Tobey Maguire a reported $50 million dollars(!) to film back to back Spiderman movies. What they hell do they think Spiderman is, Lord of the Rings?

I can't believe they're making more of these shit movies and dropping this kind of money on them.

Sony, get your hard-hat ready 'cause this one's gonna BOMB!

Tony Stark (part 2)

"A lot of my peer group think I’m an eccentric bisexual. That’s OK. Being relaxed about sexuality is something you’re born with.’ My identity was written on the wall by ancient and formidable guides and forces. The best thing I can do is keep my hand out of it."

- Robert Downey Jr.

Well, that role in Wonder Boys sure didn't help.

Just sayin...