Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hollywood loves Explosions in the Sky (and so do I and so should you)

After putting themselves on the map in a big way with Friday Night Lights the movie and then knocking it out of the park with Friday Night Lights the television series, Hollywood has fallen in love with Texas-based instrumental band Explosions in the Sky.

Their music has now been featured in trailers ranging from The Diving Bell and the Butterfly to Baz Luhrmann's Australia.

If you have not listened to their music, you must do so immediately. You owe it to yourself - it will change your life.

P.S. Check out the Season 3 premiere of FNL on NBC tonight.

Robbie Williams is crazy

I've always known that the British pop star and former boy bander was into aliens, but this is just off the wall.

Apparently, Robbie new album is inspired by his obsession with aliens and could possibly even be used to help summon aliens Earth.


Robbie used to be one of my favorite artists. So sad.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Max Payne goes PG-13

Don't know anything about the videogame, but I thought the poster and trailer for this film were surprisingly cool. I was actually even considering seeing it in theaters, but the joke was definitely on me.

News came today that it got a PG-13 rating. Are you kidding me? I don't think there is any way that a Mark Wahlberg action film can be PG-13 and not suck.

I can see the dialogue now.

"Get the heck away from me, you jerk!"

This is right before he shoots them in the knee.

Movie Review: Burn After Reading

So was nothing profound about Burn After Reading whatsoever (no matter what anyone may tell you), no deep intellectual exploration or stark and demoralizing realization that somehow has already come to the rest world but when the protagonist suddenly realizes it it's some huge revelation (ahem, No Country For Old Men).

No, Burn After Reading is none of that. But it's funny. Damn funny. And, being the resident masters of dark comedy, it's a movie that only the Coen Brothers could make. In what other film could the entire audience laugh as someone is brutally murdered with a blunt hatchet? It happens, trust me.

Like all good directors and all good scripts, one of the best things about this movie are the subtleties. How funny small little actions by the characters become. Case in point, Brad Pitt (in a hilariouos role) trying to remember to squint his eyes and look intimidating. Watch the movie and you'll know what I mean. (He thinks it's a Schwinn!)

And while this movie isn't the Coen's Brother's best nor even one of the year's best, it is definitely enjoyable and, perhaps most importantly, it's uniqueness and originality makes it stand out from the dismal landscape of Hollywood sequels and remakes.