Thursday, November 20, 2008

Roger Ebert has no idea what he's talking about

I've always thought he was a bit dim, but here is an excerpt from his review of Twilight.

"Twilight" will mesmerize its target audience, 16-year-old girls and their grandmothers. Their mothers know all too much about boys like this.

What does that even mean?

Unbridled bigotry

I want to like Entertainment Weekly. I really do. I don't even get mad when they trash movies I like and give Cloverfield an "A." But I think they have finally crossed the line, and I can never forgive them.

In their latest issue, Owen Gleiberman concludes his review of Slumdog Millionaire with this bristling statement of deep insight:

"Slumdog Millionaire rousingly celebrates the escape from the slums, but since it's Jamal's own childhood that allows him to win big on TV (and to win that girl), you could also say that the movie ennobles poverty."

Wow. Thanks for those words of wisdom, Owen.

In all seriousness, I think this is one of the most disgusting, racist and misinformed things I have ever read. EVER.

I don't mind if people don't like the same movies I like. I don't even mind if they can't give a reason why they like or dislike something. But this statement is so ridiculous I can't even stand it.

I just cancelled my subscription.