Monday, January 26, 2009

NEW BOY by William Sutcliffe

A hilarious portrait of youth on the northwest side of London by William Sutcliffe, a British author with a new and very authentic (not to mention hilarious) voice.

It's about Mark, an ugly 6th form boy who wants nothing more than to get laid but starts to worry that he's gay when attractive Barry moves in. He sets out to become his friend because he thinks Barry can help him finally lose his virginity. It's actually very much like a British American Pie.

It reminds of all the harsh insecurities of youth, the awkward moments and the unbelievable pressure. Besides being funny, it's genuinely real in it's portrayal of being young and spares us most of the melodrama.

"I didn't get an erection or anything when I was looking at Barry. I just... I just felt a certain manly admiration for his beauty. I think maybe I was jealous of his power to attract women. The reason why I couldn't stop thinking about him or staring at him was that I wanted to look like him so that I could have sex with lots of women. That's what it was."


It might be purely nostalgia or just really low expectations for a show about college on ABC family, but I actually really enjoy this show (who ever knew that people played beer pong with ping pong paddles??)

It's over-the-top and predictable, but also funny and at times genuinely real. And besides, who doesn't want to relive college, even if it's just for an hour per night?

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