Thursday, February 12, 2009

4. Life As We Know It

With most teen oriented programming being geared towards girls, this is the rare foray into the wildness that is the male psyche. No wonder it was cancelled after a single season...

It's full of hilarious cuts and talking heads as well as some moments that will make even the most die-hard high school haters a little nostalgic.

The Jonas Brothers suck

First it's their purity rings. Now, apparently they have secret nicknames for each other.

Kevin is "K2," Joe is "Danger" and Nick is "Mr. President."

Can they get anymore more fucking annoying?

First the chastity thing, then pretending like they have artistic integrity when they don't even write their own music. Then Nick biffs the lyrics to a Stevie Wonder song while performing with him at the Grammys.

Worst rockstars EVER.

It makes me sick that I even posted about them.

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman - Watch this!

Is he acting or is he really that fucked up?