Monday, April 6, 2009

The third Star Trek trailer is epic

This weekend, whilst Cameron and I were crushing Natty's, we were hit by a thought of astounding purity and truth that can only come when crushing Natty's. And it's the very obvious comparison between the third Star Trek trailer and the trailer for Eragon.

Nero is Galbatorix. Both characters sit in the same location and scheme very evil schemes which are highlighted by their ridiculous lines/delivery.

Galbatorix: "I suffer without my stone. Do not, prolong, my suffering..." = Nero (with bizarre accent) "James T. Kirk was a great man. But that was a different life!"

This Star Trek trailer also contains one of the greatest lines in the history of movie trailers as Chris Pine, blood dripping from his face after a bar brawl, states in defiance, "Why you talkin' to me, man?" Classic and beautiful - the hero denying the journey.

If this post is too weird for you, I apologize. Trust me, it really does make perfect sense.