Thursday, June 25, 2009


The greatest victory in US Soccer?

USA 2 vs. Spain 0

Black Eyed Peas, I gotta feeling...

I hate Boom Boom Pow, but I'm really digging this other Black Eyed Peas song, especially the beginning...

Robert Bly, on growing up

"...All the great cultures except ours preserve and have lived with images of this positive energy.... We have been lifted up to what is great in us.... At twelve or fourteen, when fueled by sexual instinct, we rose or fell deeply in love, and knew that was good, very good. Later…we felt mental abilities and physical abilities in us that we had never even imagined.

Each of us had already guessed that we were sons of kings and queens, and somehow had landed mistakenly in our prosaic and dumb family. Our grandiosity then was already in us, even if (not) visible. We know the feeling of grandeur, and we want to have it all the time.

In order to keep the grandeur feeling a child may refuse to remember ugly facts of childhood, may look away from disorganization, abuse, abandonment, lack of protection, and skip over our parents' indifference, addictions, or dark side. Animals apparently don't have to worry so much about inflation, but we are human beings and a little bit of gold--or genius feelings--can send us into high altitudes, from which we don't want to descend. "

(500) Days of Summer

I got to see the premiere of (500) Days of Summer last night and I have no hesitation in saying it's the best movie of the year so far.

The soundtrack's amazing, it's funny, it's smart and it's very, very touching.

Go see it.